Over the past 5 years, trim hawaii has collected and curated esoteric surf stories in print. With a historical, art-focused approach, trim hawaii is excited to showcase a hodgepodge — er, medley — of old and new photos and art of the surfing life. The exhibit will feature Val Valentine’s photography of Waikiki Walls in the early 1960s, and artwork from Mark Cunningham, Peter Shepherd Cole, Eric Maurus, in addition to film photographs by Daniel Russo, John Hook, Eric Wehrner, Brenden Donahue and Chris Rohrer.

June 30th - September 13th

Mahina & Sun’s @ Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club



Gavin Murai (@reckonshop) calligraphy of Surf Medley. Paying homage to iconic surf brands, Gavin created the SURF MEDLEY letters on post it notes, per our request. We wanted to celebrate the idea that our magazine is a hodgepodge of stories, art and old photographs that celebrates the oddities of surf culture.



Val Valentine (@valvalentinecollection) photograph of Val Ching stand up surfing his paipo board at Waikiki Walls. Val's photographs of Waikiki Walls with his Robot Camera from the early 1960s are iconic snapshots from the golden age of Waikiki.



Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) photograph of Eric Maurus and Manuela Disa at the Ala Wai Harbor. This photograph was taken for our client/friend Inter Island Surf Shop with Chris's 1920’s Kodak large format camera.



Val Valentine (@valvalentinecollection) photograph of Waikiki grommets watching the surf below the Kapahulu Groin. One of our favorite photographs from the current issue.



Eric Wehner (@ericwehner) photograph of a Kaiser Bowl wave lip, shot with cross processed film, was used as our Masthead for the Boardshorts issue. It is moody, weird, and gives us a little Matrix-esque vibe due to the color.



Val Valentine (@valvalentinecollection) Robot Camera 24" x 24" photograph. We don't think Val ever named this shot, but we thought Grom's Eye View would have been a good one of this grom watching Val Ching slide by on his Paipo



Ethan Lau (@nectarwilson) Nikonos photograph of Randall Paulson at Ala Moana Bowls on expired film. We used this shot as the masthead in the Cabell issue. Another favorite.



Peter Shepard Cole (@petershepardcole) painting that is the masthead for the next issue of trim. We used PSC’s painting Barrel as the masthead for this current issue.




Mark Cunningham found art, Octopus Octopus. MC scours the sea finding lost treasure to create quixotic pieces of surf and ocean art.




Brenden Donahue (@brendendonahue) film photograph of Lutty with a Nikonos IV. Lutty is a mediocre surfer on his best day, so this photograph by young Donahue shows innate skills for making a kook look cool.



Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) cynataph of our friend Tristan Emmons. Shot with the 1920's Kodak 8X10 camera, Chris is a master with the nearly 100-year-old camera.



Val Valentine (@valvalentinecollection) film negative that inspired this current issue. Filmmaker Jack McCoy is the caretaker of Val Valentine's archive, and he is busy preparing to create a Val Valentine documentary.



Matt Luttrell (@trimhawaii) took this photograph with his 6x9 Fuji (aka the Texas Leica) of his son Lennox surfing Baby Queens with the help of his Uncle Kenny (@kennybabybaby).



Todd Pinder (@pinderhi) photograph. While Pinder is actually surfing in this photograph, we consider it his photograph since he paddled out with the camera, loaded the film, and most importantly, opened the back of the camera, letting in a choice amount of light.



Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_) Nikonos photograph of Mark Cunningham, the Vitruvian Bodysurfer, taken in Tahiti in September 2016.



Eric Maurus (@eric_maurus) etching of Mark Cunningham in Tahiti. 2 of 5. Featured in the current issue of trim. We have featured a lot of Eric's art in previous issues, paintings, sculptures, and illustrations.



Mark Cunningham found art, 231, which was featured in the latest issue of trim.




Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) 8x10 photograph of Eric Maurus’s Kookbox, Poi Poi, shaped/constructed in Palolo Valley.



Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) photograph of our friend Ethan Lau’s hand resting on his self shaped surfboard.



Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_) 35mm Nikonos film photograph of Tahiti, taken from the water at Teahupoo.



Mark Cunningham found art, Surf School Blues II




John Hook (@john_hook) T-Max 3200 film photograph of Kahana Kalama, taken at night at Waikiki Walls. Lighting assist courtesy of Samantha Hook and Chris Rohrer.



Matt Paul Catalano (@mattp.aul) frame grab of Lutty's son Lennox waxing up a surfboard.



Mark Cunningham found art, Shiva Tsunami.




Justin Michelak (@jstsrf) photograph of Lutty and his son Lennox wiping out.



Val Valentin (@valvalentinecollection) most iconic Waikiki photograph of Val Ching at Waikiki Walls.



Mark Cunningham found art, Va'a Vipeout.




Peter Shephard Cole (@petershepardcole) painting of a wave at Waimea.




Eric Maurus (@eric_maurus) etching of Mark Cunningham. Inspired by Leonardo Di Vinci's Vitrivian Man, 5 of 5.



Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) 8x10 photograph of our friend Eric Maurus (@eric_maurus) at Shangri La's ocean entrance.



Chris Rohrer (@thunderhug) 8x10 photograph of our friend Johnny Noel (@jnynoel).



Mark Cunningham found art, Pink Polynesie.